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The California State Transportation Agency encourages public participation in what we do, because it's the public that we serve. We want you to know about the things we are doing and the news we make. Your participation at public events and meetings is always welcome.

For more information, please contact:

Melissa Figueroa
Deputy Secretary for Communications and Strategic Planning
(916) 445-3545

To sign up for news releases, please send an email to melissa.figueroa @ with the subject line "SUBSCRIBE"


California State Transportation Agency:
Melissa Figueroa 916-445-3545

Board of Pilot Commissioners(BOPC):
Roma Cristia-Plant 415-397-2253

California Highway Patrol(CHP):
Fran Clader 916-843-3310

California Transportation Commission(CTC):
Susan Bransen 916-654-4245

Department of Motor Vehicles(DMV):
Armando Botello 916-657-6437

Department of Transportation(Caltrans):
Tamie McGowen 916-654-5782

High Speed Rail Authority(HSRA):
Lisa Marie Alley 916-384-9026

Office of Traffic Safety(OTS):
Chris Cochran 916-509-3063

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